2005 daihatsu boon
2005 daihatsu boon
2005 daihatsu boon
2005 daihatsu boon
2005 daihatsu boon
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2005 Daihatsu Boon blownhead gasket problems

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Date:August 7, 2010, 2:44 pm
Name:reynaldo brown
Location:Jamaica, Kingston
Vehicle:Daihatsu Boon
General comments:can u please assist with some advice to what is going on and what should be done to fix it.

thank u
Problems:head gasket blown was changed and head skimmed. after repairs check engine came on and over drive light flashes . In the mornings i have trouble changing out of first into second and third. i also have power loss, jurks when changing and i see oil leak coming from gasket of engine. there is also a case where oil sprays from the breather hose on the auto transmittion. all the problems occured after the gasket was change expect for oil spraying from transmittion. i saw that the day the gasket was damaged.

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