1985 bmw 316
1985 bmw 316
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1985 BMW 316 the last big exhaust pot problem,.high consumtion in Cameroon

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Date:December 20, 2010, 11:23 am
Name:David Koffi Eko
Location:Cameroon, Douala, Akwa
Vehicle:BMW 316
Modification:The best one to change
General comments:Please i want to know which exhaust i can use for good fusl consumtion,if you can send me a picture of the exhaust i can use,
Thank you for the advise.whily waiting for your reply as soon as possible/
Problems:My bigest problem is i alway repair the big last exhaust pot of my BMW 1985 316i model becouse of thhe heave sounds that cames out and it couse too much of Fuel comsumtion,i speed alot of money for fuel.
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