1995 mitsubishi l300
1995 mitsubishi l300
1995 mitsubishi l300
1995 mitsubishi l300
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1995 Mitsubishi L300 5 speed won't shift into reverse problems in Australia

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Date:January 9, 2017, 3:32 am
Location:Australia, WA, Mandurah
Vehicle:Mitsubishi L300
Problems:Manual has Stopped Shifting into reverse. Exterior linkage and cables appear to be okay.Was working fine then just stopped, Has gone into reverse once since that first failure to do so.

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January 18, 2017, 5:20 pm  from: Phil
Hi I have a L300 in the UK. The gearbox has a small toggle inside the gearbox which engages if you try to go from 5th gear into reverse as a safety measure. Obviously this would be quite a bad thing if travelling at speed. The reason it is there is because reverse is opposite 5th gear on the column change (you may not have column change on yours) The simple cure is to shake the column change in a vigorous way up and down the steering column but NOT from revere to 5th gear position as this will only jam the toggle more. If this does not work it is fairly easy to get at the toggle inside the box. first drain gearbox oil and remove cover plate on bottom of gearbox, once removed you can look inside and see the small toggle on the shaft inside (To help identify get someone to gently move the gear leaver from the 5th gear position towards reverse while you look at the moving parts in the gearbox once you identify the toggle you can move it to its normal position with a screwdriver. Check all is ok by getting your helper to engage reverse a few times (without going into 5th). When you are happy with this refit cover plate and remember to put oil back in Probably a good idea to use new as it may well be contamination in the oil that is causing toggle to stick. I hope this w3orks for you it did on mine Good luck Phil
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