2006 Kia Kia grand carnival wont start problems in Australia

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Date:July 13, 2014, 11:56 am
Location:Australia, Victoria, Torquay
Vehicle:Kia Kia
General comments:We have never had any other issues with the car electrically.
Problems:Initially the carnival had intermittent starting problems (would not start)now it is continuously not starting. We have to start it by bridging across the starter relay with a wire (thanks RACV). Fault traced back to the fuse box panel under the dash where there is an electrical fault. Above the fuse box is a electrical connection box about the size of a tic tac packet that has a grey lever handle holding it in place. Sometimes when that handle is exercised it would then start but no longer the case. This makes me suspect that the problem is in this area . Have you come across this problem? how did you fix it?
Previous car:commodore

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