1999 isuzu bighorn
1999 isuzu bighorn
1999 isuzu bighorn
1999 isuzu bighorn
1999 isuzu bighorn
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1999 Isuzu Bighorn holden jackaroo problems in Australia

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Date:September 23, 2011, 1:19 pm
Location:Australia, New South Wales, Penrith
Vehicle:Isuzu Bighorn
Problems:I was getting water into the oil, the dipstick was getting grey sludge on it. i took it to be a head gasket I took the head of and serviced it. why it was pulled down to the block i decided to reco the block. I took the motor out and rebuilt everything. Bearings, Rings, New Pistons, New Cotter Pins, New Con rod Bearings, Honed the block. Well needless to say everything that could be replaced i replaced. After reassemble got it started all going sounding great starting no prob. took it out nice and easy to run it in. driving for about 30 minutes and it started to warm up. pulled over before it got to 3 quarters on temp gauge. checked the oil dipstick and i had grey sludge again. after many choice words to myself. i gathered it can only be a cracked head. It was the only old part left other than the block. Anyway two and a half thousand later i put a brand new out of the box head and all the its bits Valves, springs, and so on. put it all back together took it out for a easy drive, (still running the motor in ) about 30 minutes driving started to heat again. checked the dipstick again. ( flushed and replaced oil from prior test run) and again i had grey slush building up. I am at a loss were to even start looking. help would be most appreciated.

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