1986 Daihatsu Mira shock absorbers problems in Australia

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Date:August 6, 2010, 8:51 am
Location:Australia, New South Wales, Sydney
Vehicle:Daihatsu Mira
Modification:Body only.
General comments:Had my van 10yrs now and love it - use it to run around the city.
Inside has matching trim & sports wheel, back seat has been replaced with a flat floor, and it now has alloy wheels.
Problems:I need shocks for my van, but no one local can supply, so I am about to check cars at the wreckers to see if any other Daihatsu models have the same suspension setup.
Does anyone out there know what will fit?
Any model Mira with the same setup?
Previous car:2nd car is an Opel Calibra Coupe.

Photo Daihatsu Mira

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