The History Of Toyota Granvia

The Toyota Granvia is a large MPV produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota. Available with seven- and eight-seater configurations, it is based on the Hi Ace Powervan. Sales of the Granvia started in Japan in 1995.It has been sold in Europe and Australia and at different destinations in Asia including Hong Kong. The Granvia comes in petrol or diesel (3.0L) and in two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

There is a growing second-hand population of these in the United Kingdom.

They are also very popular in New Zealand imported as used vehicles from Japan. The 3 litre turbocharged diesel is especially favoured as its enormous torque but not so impressive power output are ideally suited to the hilly conditions in a country with an overall 100 km/ h speed limit. Many of these vehicles are in commercial passenger service.

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