The History Of Subaru Libero

The Subaru Sumo, known as the Libero in European markets apart from the UK, also known as the Domingo in Japanese market, is a microvan produced from 1983 to 1998. In Sweden, it was known as the Subaru Columbuss.

It was launched with the option of four-wheel drive and powered by 1.0- and 1.2-litre 3-cylinder EF engines based on those used in the Subaru Justy although in the van they were rear mounted. somewhat unusually for a microvan the 1200cc sumo could be ordered with selectable 4wd, operated via a gear stick mounted button. In normal driving conditions the rear wheels only were driven, there being no central differential to allow highway driving in 4wd mode. The option of 4wd would seem to have been added merely for the sake of having a totally 4wd vehicle range.

A more passenger-car-like Subaru Domingo high-roof van with 997 cc, later 1189 cc engines and coil springs at the rear was added in October, 1983. It had a length of 341/ 342.5 cm and a width of 143 cm. This vehicle would stay available well after the release of the next generation Sambar. In the export the engine became a 665 cc and the vehicle was called Subaru 700 (length 322.5 cm). The larger versions were called Subaru E10 and Subaru E12 respectively.

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