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The Kia cee'd is a small family car released in the European market by the Korean manufacturer Kia Motors in December 2006. It is available as a five-door hatchback, three-door hatchback ("pro_cee'd"), and five-door estate ("cee'd SW"), with a choice of up to five engines (three petrol and two diesel), four trim levels (S, GS, LS, SR) and either manual or automatic transmissions — and is sold in over 20 variants of the above in some markets. Kia used the Paris Motor Show 2006 to preview a five-door estate variant in production form, and a three-door concept, both of which were to be on sale from Autumn 2007, combining with the five door hatchback model to give a model range of over 50 variants in some markets. The Hyundai i30 shares the platform with cee'd.

The car was designed in Frankfurt, Germany ("in Europe for Europeans") with Miklós Kovács leading the design team. Cars are manufactured in the Kia's factory in Teplička nad Váhom, Slovakia.

Cee´d is a great success in Europe and is the first Kia (and Korean car) which really could compete with the best cars in the Golf-category, not only because of the now famous seven year warranty. The car is very well accepted in the motor-press for it´s roomy interior, smooth engines, good standard equipment compared to price and feel of quality. The engines, especially diesels, are also fuel saving, an important advantage these days.

The Kia cee'd is said to get its name from the Community of Europe and European Design, its project name simply being "ED".

  • Auto Express - New Car Honours - Special Honour for seven year warranty
  • Autocar - 'Idea of the Year' for cee'd seven year warranty
  • What Diesel Car?- Hatchback of the year
  • Towcar awards 2007
  • Camping Fritid(Danish Camping magazine, from DCU) - Camping car of the year 2007
  • German auto magazine ACE Lenkrad, Kia Cee'd surpassed the Toyota Auris and the Volkswagen Golf.
  • German auto magazine Autobild, Cee'd was rated higher than the Toyota Auris, Citroen C4 and Honda Civic.
  • Austria auto magazine Autotouring (2007.4), Cee'd was rated above Toyota Auris, Volkswagen Golf, Mazda 3.
  • Danish auto magazine Motor, Kia Cee'd is the first car to ever earn the 6 out of 6 rating.
  • Swedish magazine Vi Bilägare found in the yearly long-distace test (one year, 40 000 km) that Kia Cee´d had the highest second hand value among all cars the magazine had tested through the years.

Kia cee'd earns Euro NCAP 5 star safety rating.

Kia's all-new Pro cee'd is the 3-door variant of the cee'd. The car debuted at the 2007 Frankfurt Auto Show, and went on sale in January.

Kia's all-new ex_cee'd cabrio concept car was premiered at the 77th Salon de l'Automobiles in 2007 Geneva. Based on the new three-door cee'd hatchback (Pro cee'd), due to go into production at the Žilina factory in Slovakia from December, the ex_cee'd shares the same platform, but features all-new exterior panels and a powered folding fabric roof.

Kia revealed a concept of its pro_cee'd line, with improved aerodynamics and mild hybrid engine tuning to the diesel engine, under the name "eco_cee'd". Kia has confirmed it will release eco_cee'd versions of its cee'd line in 2009.

The new ‘eco’ cee’d models will be fitted with Kia's new ISG (Idle Stop&Go) system, including Smart battery Power Management. This system has regenerative braking, which automatically recharges the battery during deceleration, and switches the engine off when the car is stopped and the engine is at idle, dramatically cutting both fuel consumption and emissions during typical stop-start city driving .

Hybrid version

The cee’d hybrid car is still in the stage of development and testing, so its full production run is not projected to start before the 2010. Kia Motors is producing a fleet of Kia cee’d Hybrid cars especially for testing and evaluation in Europe . The car has been unveiled in the 2008 Paris Auto Show .

It includes a electric motor powered by a new high-voltage battery mounted behind the rear seats .

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