The History Of Honda Mobilio Spike

The Honda Mobilio Spike was a 1.5L compact-wagon that was designed with recreational activities in mind. The Mobilio Spike was released in Japan on September 19th 2002 and was Honda’s third model in the Small Max series. It was discontinued in Summer 2008 following the release of the Honda Freed

The Mobilio Spike featured a spacious cargo area that was 6.09ft (1.86m) deep and 3.6ft (1.10m) tall. This cargo area could be configured in 5 different ways or modes; utility mode, long mode, twin mode, refresh mode, and adjustment mode. Each mode offers advantages to storing different types of objects. Each mode has its own unique purpose.

Along with the spacious cargo room, there are two sliding doors, one on each side of the vehicle. There are also hooks that can hold about 11lb (5.0kg) for things such as wetsuits or lanterns.

The Mobilio Spike features a 1.5L VTEC engine which is designed to provide superior power and fuel economy. The Japan Ministry of Transport has dubbed the Mobilio Spike as an “excellent low emissions” vehicle. Also featured in the Mobilio Spike is the Honda Multimatic S which is a relatively new type of automatic transmission that is designed to provide a smoother driving experience. This car also features Four-Wheel Drive for excellent handling performance.

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