1956 ZIL 114

1956 ZIL 114
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1956 ZIL 114 specs

ZIL-114 was a car from ZIL introduced in 1970 to replace the former ZIL-111 series which was gradually becoming out of date.

In almost all respects, the ZIL-114 improved on the 111, 111A and 111G models. The engine, still a ZIL-designed and built pushrod V8, was increased in capacity from 5980 cc (365 cubic inches) to 6962 cc (425 cubic inches), with the result being an increase in power by 30 percent and of maximum speed from around 170 km/ h (106 miles per hour) to 200 km/ h (124 miles per hour). The outdated styling of previous ZILs was also gone, to be replaced by more modern styling, especially at the front where the cross-hatched radiator grille was discarded for a mesh style. The headlamps also showed a major development with four circular headlamps replacing the twin headlamps in the front wings.

Although the rigid rear axle with leaf springs — out of date in the West — was retained, the ZIL-114 saw the replacement of drums by power-assisted disc brakes on all four wheels to cope with the hugely powerful engine. There was also even more luxurious appointments than found on previous ZIL models with such features as air conditioning added to already luxurious furnishings of the ZIL-111.

The 114 continued in limited production until the late 1970s when it was replaced by the even larger and heavier ZIL-4104, which continues more or less to the present.

The ZIL-117 was a short-chassis version with only five seats and a much shorter wheelbase. It was also available as an unusual four-door convertible (like the ZIL-111V)

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