1992 Yamaha V-max

Preview 1992 Yamaha V-max
Preview V-max
Preview 1992 V-max
Preview Yamaha V-max
Preview Yamaha V-max
Preview Yamaha V-max

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Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity:1200 cm3
Price (out of date):$4000

1992 Yamaha V-max specs, Engine size 1.2l.

The Yamaha V-Max is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha, which is known for its powerful V4 engine, shaft drive, and distinctive styling. While famed for its quick acceleration, it is often criticized for its poor cornering ability and soft suspension.

John Reed, an English designer who lived in California was contracted by Yamaha to design the ultimate custom bike. He designed a muscle cruiser based on the Venture engine.

Sold both in Japan and abroad, the V-Max has been on the market with only minor modifications since the 1985 model year, making it one of the best-selling Japanese motorcycles of all time. The Honda X-4 was created in response to its overwhelming success, but was in production for only six years, proving unable to shake the V-Max's popularity and exceptional reliability.

Until 2007, the original V-Max was offered for sale through the Star Motorcycles division of Yamaha Motorcycles. Apart from a minor freshening to the bike's specifications in 1993, when the bike gained a larger-diameter fork to minimize high-speed wobbling and drift, four-piston brake calipers, and other handling and safety related upgrades, the 2007 V-Max was almost the same as the original 1985 version.

Overall, the V-Max was 2,300millimetres (90.6in) long, 795millimetres (31.3in) wide, and 1,160millimetres (45.7in) high.

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