The Corrado has the option of a 1.8L, 158 hp suprcharged 4 cylinder or a 2.8L, 6 Cylinder with 178 hp. Other options include manual or automatic transmission and ABS.

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The Volkswagen Corrado is a hatchback coupé developed by German automaker Volkswagen and built by Karmann in Osnabrück, Germany between 1988 and 1995.

Conceived as a successor to the successful Scirocco, it is a three-door hatchback with a 2+2 seating layout. The Corrado used Volkswagen's B3 platform in the rear of the car, while using the A2 platform technology up front, which it shared with the then-current Golf Mk2 and Jetta. It shared many mechanical parts with other Volkswagen A platform cars as well. In 1990 the Corrado went on sale in the United States.

The Corrado offered exceptional handling for its time, and was listed as one of the "25 Cars You Must Drive Before You Die" by the British magazine, Car. All models featured an innovative rear spoiler which automatically raised when the vehicle reached a set speed (45–65 mph depending on the region). Perceived as too expensive, it reached a production total of just 97,521 vehicles according to However, many owner clubs exist around the world, and it has become something of a modern classic.

All Corrados were front-wheel drive and featured petrol engines. It debuted with two engine choices: a 1.8litre, 16-valve, inline-4 with 136PS (134hp/ 100kW) as the base model and a supercharged 1.8litre, 8-valve inline-4, marketed as the G60, and delivering 160PS (158hp/ 118kW). The first engine was initially available only in Europe. The G60 is named for the G-Lader with which it is equipped, a scroll supercharger whose interior resembles the letter "G".

Volkswagen introduced two new engines for 1992. The first was a naturally aspirated 2.0litre, 16 valve, 136PS (134hp/ 100kW) inline-4, basically a further development of the 1.8litre engine. The second was the highly-regarded 2.8litre, 12-valve, 174PS (172hp/ 128kW) VR6 engine, Specific to the United States. The Canadian and European market versions had a displacement of 2.9litre and 190PS (187hp/ 140kW), which was sold side by side with the G60 for 1992. The G60 was dropped from the U.S. line-up the following year. The VR6 was revolutionary at the time because it combined the benefits of both V-shaped and straight engines, by placing the two cylinder banks at an angle of 15° with a single cylinder head. This design allowed engineers to fit a six-cylinder engine into roughly the same space that was previously occupied by four-cylinder engines.

Another unique model sold in the UK, called the Campaign Edition, was sold in 1992 and fitted with a VR6 engine. The Campaign edition was fully optioned, and they were all Dusty Mauve, with tan and brick red custom leather interiors. In Germany there was also a special edition called the "jet"; the jet was launched in 1991 and ran 1992 and featured a special interior and the G60 Engine. These are very rare outside Germany. In Italy there was a model known as the "Estoril", featuring Estoril alloy wheels.

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