2007 UAZ 3151 2.2D MT

2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
2007 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)
UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp)

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Body typeSUV
Power92 Hp
Engine Displacement2200 cm3 or 2.2L or 134.2 cu-in
Transmission GearboxManual
Fuel TypeDiesel
Drive wheel4WD
Price (out of date)$4548

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the body type, UAZ 3151 SUV 2007?SUV, 5 Seats, 5 Doors
What is the fuel economy, UAZ 3151 315148 2007?10.1 l/100 km
How fast is the car, 2007 UAZ 3151 2.2D MT?120 km/h
How much power, UAZ 3151 2007 SUV 2.2D MT (92 Hp)?92 Hp
What is the engine size, 2007 UAZ 3151 SUV 2.2D MT (92 Hp)?2.2L or 2235cm3
How many gears, What type is the gearbox, UAZ 3151 SUV 2007?5 speed Manual
What is the drivetrain, UAZ 3151 315148 2007?All wheel drive (4x4)
How long is this vehicle, 2007 UAZ 3151 2.2D MT?4100 mm
How wide is the vehicle, UAZ 3151 2007 SUV 2.2D MT (92 Hp)?1730 mm
What is the gross weigh, 2007 UAZ 3151 SUV 2.2D MT (92 Hp)?2550 kg
How much trunk (boot) space, UAZ 3151 SUV 2007?210 l

UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Specs

General information

Production start year2006
Production end year2012
Drive typeAll wheel drive (4x4)
Frame typeSUV
Transmission type5 speed Manual
Engine volume, cc2235
Frame name315148
Max speed120
Clearance, mm210
Manufacturing countryRussia
Warranty12 months or 30,000 km

Engine, transmission and steering specs

Engine specs

Engine nameZMZ-5143.10
Engine typeIn-line, 4-cylinder
Has turboyes
Turbo typeTurbine
Max power, hp92
Max power RPM, rpm3500
Max power, hp (kWt) / rpm91 (67) / 3500
Max torque, N*m270
Max torque RPM, rpm2800
Max torque, N*m (kg*m) / rpm270 (28) / 2800
Valves per cylinder4
Compression ratio19.5
Bore, mm87
Stroke, mm94
Engine additional infoCommon-rail direct fuel injection

Fuel consumption



1st gear ratio4.155
2nd gear ratio2.265
3rd gear ratio1.428
4th fear ratio1
5th gear ratio0.88
Rear gear ratio3.827


Power steeringyes


Frame dimensions

Exterior length, mm4100
Exterior width, mm1730
Exterior height, mm2025

Interior dimensions

Seat rows2

Chassis dimensions

Wheel base, mm2380
Wheel spacing front1465
Wheel spacing rear1465
Front overhang708
Rear overhang1012

Weight and permissible load

Mass, kg1890
Max capacity660
Max. weight2550


Fuel tank capacity, l72
Trunk volume210


AddinfoAll-metal body

Suspension specs

Suspension specs

Front stabilizeryes
Front suspensionDependent, spring loaded
Rear suspensionDependent, spring loaded

Wheel rims

Aluminium wheeloption


Front wheels225/75 R16
Rear wheels225/75 R16


Front brakeDiscs
Rear brakedrum brakes



Halogen headlightsyes
Front fog lampsyes
Rear fog lampsyes
Additional stop lightyes

Side mirrors

Exterior mirrors in body colorno


Door handles in body colorno
Chrome door handlesno


Bumpersare not colored
Back wiperyes
Rear mudflapsyes

Body color

Metallic paint Bodyoption


Steering wheel and center panel

Leather windingno
Adjustable steeringno

Interior design

Cloth upholsteryyes


2nd rowdoes not fold
opt.60/40 ratio fold seat
Separating armrest frontno

Electric interior package

Front seat heaterno
Centralized door lockno
Keyless enterno
Power windowno

Additional interior equipment

Smokers packetyes



Drivers airbagno
Passengers airbagno

Active and passive safety


Electronic security and traffic control systems




Air conditionerno

Audio systems

Autoreverse casetteno
CD playerno
MP3 Supportno

Additional amenities

Mirrors in sunshieldsno

Driver Kit

Spare tireyes

2007 UAZ 3151 315148 2.2D MT (92 Hp) specs

UAZ (УАЗ), Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod (Ульяновский Автомобильный Завод) is an automobile manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk, Russia which makes SUVs, buses and trucks. Production started in 1941.


In 1941, after the start of Great Patriotic War, Stalin's government made every effort possible to try to save Soviet industry from being captured by the German army. So, in 1941, because of rapid advances by the Germans on Moscow, a decision was made to relocate ZIS - a Moscow car and freighter manufacturing plant - further away from the front line. Such a place was Ulyanovsk, a town in Volga region with existing infrastructure and skilled workers, but out of reach of German army. At that time, the plant was considered a subsidiary of ZIS. By 1942, the production of artillery shells and cars began.

In 1943, when the prospect of Germans winning the war was less likely, a decision was made to separate the relocated plant from ZIS. This was a part of general after-war policy conducted by Stalin's government in which relocated plants were separated into different units, since all the required buildings had already been erected. The existing plants before relocation were filled with (often - German) equipment, thus bursting the industry.

A logical choice for the newly created plant was to produce military and paramilitary cars, mostly due to its distance from the border. Therefore, in mid-1950es the production of the only Soviet offroad car, GAZ-69, was moved to Ulyanovsk. This car marked a beginning of a famous line of offroad vehicles manufactured by the plant.

Golden age

By mid-60es, the new management of the plant completed development of first original [U]AZ cars. The GAZ-69 offroad vehicle was replaced by UAZ-469. UAZ-469 was very similar in design to the original Jeep - a sturdy, but not-so-comfortable car that was able to drive in virtually any terrain and was easy to fix. The Uaz-469 reached legendary status for its reliability and off-road ability. The car didn't enter the personal use market until late 80s and was reserved for police forces and paramilitary (its commercially-available analog was produced by LuAZ, which was too close to border to be associated with the military).

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