2004 Toyota WiLL Cypha

2004 Toyota WiLL Cypha
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Toyota WiLL Cypha Problems
Head lamps
2003, i need to replace my head lamps but can
not get them the car has no any other problem
Headlight (right) for my will cypha
2004, It's broked. I need new one. I had
an accident with the car, so i need a cottation
Where can i purchase a workshop manual many tha...
2002, Needing a workshop manual drove fine then
next day turning over but won't fire up h...

2004 Toyota WiLL Cypha specs

The Toyota WiLL series consists of three individually-designed cars, based on the mechanicals of other Toyota models. The series was intended to appeal to markets that were not covered by Toyota's mainstream range, and to discover how commercially feasible such unusual designs were. The American Scion range is based on a similar concept.

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The Toyota WiLL Vi is a compact car, with distinctive styling combining elements of many cars. The bonnet and headlights seem to have prefigured the Citroen C2, while the reverse-slope rear window is reminiscent of cars from the 1960s such as the 105E Ford Anglia and the Citroen Ami 6, and the curvy styling of the roof and boot are similar to the Renault 4CV. The car features column shift automatic and a split bench seat in the front, centrally-mounted instruments and the 1,300 cc 2NZ engine from the Vitz/ Yaris on which it is based.

The Vi's bigger brother, the Toyota WiLL VS was years ahead of its rivals in car design when it was first introduced in 2001.

In the years to follow, several other vehicles have taken styling cues from the WiLL VS, most notably the 2004 Vauxhall Astra and the Renault Megane. Inspiration for the design of the WiLL VS was said to have been derived from the Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter. In spite of its success in the Japanese market, where the WiLL VS had a cult following, the model was never released overseas. Production of the WiLL VS was stopped circa 2004 and a replacement model was never announced, much to the disappointment of its fans. Nevertheless, some would argue that there was no need to replace the WiLL VS for at least another decade given its futuristic design that some of the newer cars were only beginning to adopt. This would include trend-setting features such as the rakish body shape, aerodynamic angles, projector-style headlamp cluster (regarded as revolutionary in 2001), illuminated speedometer and clear LED tail lights.

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