1996 Toyota Sprinter Marino

1996 Toyota Sprinter Marino
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Toyota Sprinter Marino Problems
Starter Motor
1993, Replacing the starter motor and finding
parts for left hand passenger door, and tail
Bucking.i changed all plug wires still have the...
1997, car bucking and searching when ever you
try to give it less than 200 rpm while driving
MAP Sensor
1996, I need part number 89420-12060 for 1996
Marino. Please quote cost of part plus shipping

1996 Toyota Sprinter Marino specs

The Toyota Sprinter Marino is a four-door hardtop version of the GT-APEX Trueno produced between 1992 - 1998 for sale in the Japanese Domestic Market. Unlike the less powerful models the GT model has twin exhaust pipes, identical to GT-APEX Trueno 20V 4AGE models and has an interior identical to that of the AE100 series Toyota Sprinter GT-APEX Trueno. The Marino is a common sight in New Zealand, because of the country's high volumes of imported vehicles and was discontinued in 1998.

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The Toyota SprinterMarino has a 1587 cc Twin Cam 20 Valve DOHC Silver Top 4AGE .The engine produces 165hp (at 7500 rpm)which is very good for the size of the engine. The Silver Top 20v 4AGE is the 2nd most powerful of the high performance 4AGE Toyota motors ever made only beaten by the Black Top 4AGE which is around 15 hp more powerful. Another significant difference between the black top and silver top 4AGE is the former has MAP sensor (Manifold Air Pressure sensor) which is absent in the silver top 4AGE. It is a high reving engine, not red at 8000 rpm and can handle over 10,000 rpm without thinking twice however it has a limiter which cuts the power when it reaches over 9000 rpm.


The Marino is a 4-door hard top with 4 main seats however has a 5th seat in the back that can be used for small children. The Marino GT comes with a mandatory feature of a rear spoiler.


A driver's airbag was available after 1995. Automatic door locking was a mandatory feature on the vehicle in its first year of production (1991) - as per Japanese vehicular law (1991) whereby all Japanese manufactured vehicles for the JDM must lock all doors at 18 km/ h.

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