1999 Ssang YONG Korando

1999 Ssang YONG Korando
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Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity:2300 cm3
Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds:Automatic
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Price (out of date):$10127

1999 Ssang YONG Korando specs, Engine size 2300cm3, Fuel type Gasoline, Transmission Gearbox Automatic

The SsangYong Korando was a small 3-door 4x4 SUV produced from 1993 to current and designed by Briton Ken Greenly. It featured a choice of 2.3litre and 3.2litre gasoline engines or 2.9litre diesel engine, all produced on license of Mercedes-Benz. The name Korando is a contraction of "Korea Can Do". A badge engineered version was sold as the Daewoo Korando from 1999 to 2001.

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