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The Nissan Skyline is a mid-size car originally produced by the Japanese automaker Prince Motor Company starting in 1957 and later by Nissan after the two companies merged in 1966. It is available in either coupé, or sedan or wagon body styles. The current Skyline is sold in North America, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Middle East as the Infiniti G35.

The first Skyline was introduced in April 1957, under the Prince marque, and was marketed as a luxury car. It featured a 1.5L (1482cc) GA30 engine producing 44kW (60hp) @ 4,400 rpm. It used a de Dion tube rear suspension and was capable of 140km/ h (87mph). The car weighed around 1300 kg. Prince Skylines were produced as four door sedans and five door station wagons.

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The Skyline also spawned pickup truck and van lines called the "Prince Skyway."


The Skyline was updated with quad headlights for 1958.

This model was powered by a slightly altered 1.5 L engine known as the GA-4 OHV (1484cc) producing about 70hp (52kW) @ 4400 rpm and was produced through 1961.


The Skyline Sport featured hand-built Michelotti bodies in stylish coupe and convertible versions. These cars used the 1.9L (1862cc/ 113in³) GB-30 engine, producing 96hp (72kW) and 113.5ft·lbf (154N m). While only a few hundred were built, Prince Motors had a very aggressive product placement group and they can be seen (along the company's mainstream models) in many Toho films of the early 1960s.

In 1961 Fuji Precision Industries changed its name to Prince after the 1954 merger, and the S50 series was launched, which like its predecessor, came in sedan and wagon bodystyles. This was the second generation car, and became one of the more desirable cars in Japan. It was powered by the G-1 engine, a 70 hp (52kW) version of the old GA-4. A 1862cc engine was also available, delivering 91hp (68kW).

In 1962, this model was restyled as the S21S series.

The S50 was further developed with new styling for 1963, and was sold in some markets with an A150 designation.

In 1966, Nissan and Prince merged and the S50 also appeared with Nissan Skyline badging. This model lasted in production through 1967.


Prince created a racing GT Skyline in May 1964. It was based on the S54 and used the larger 6-cylinder G-7 engine from the Gloria S40, though the car needed an 8" extension to the wheelbase (all forward of the cowl/ firewall) to provide space in the engine bay for the lankier in-line six. When it entered the 2nd Japanese Grand prix they hoped to win the GT-II class. Competitive against the Porsche 904, the Skyline managed 2nd through to 6th places.

Largely due to the success of the race vehicle, the Prince 2000GT (also called GT-A, GT-B, S54A and S54B) was released to the Japanese market. There were two versions produced:

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