1997 Nissan Serena

Preview 1997 Nissan Serena
Preview Serena
Preview 1997 Serena
Preview Nissan Serena

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1997 Nissan Serena For Sale
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Nissan Serena Problems
Ecu not detected
1997, ECU not detected,, i need diagram and
schematic of ecu, when i connect obd ecu not
Electrical and mechanical
2010, catalyst converter problems belt
wobbling when ac is on making noise ac not
cold whe...
A ton of oil disappearing
2013, Car has used over 20 litres of oil in a
year. No sign of leaks or blowing smoke. And

1997 Nissan Serena specs

The Nissan Serena started life as a very small people carrier, but grew larger over time. Earlier versions were FR layout with a live axle mounted on leaf springs. Later versions had a multilink independent rear suspension, and were FF layout or 4WD. The most popular versions were the 2.3 diesel engines and it was unusual as the MPV had 8 seats instead of the usual 7.

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These versions had 1.6 and 2.0 petrol or 2.3 diesel engines. Trim levels were LX, SLX, SGX and SGXi.

Until around 2002 the standard petrol engine was an SR20DE. In the early nineties, Nissan produced a version with the turbocharged SR20DET to carry people very rapidly. From 2002 onwards the Serena used the QR20DE and QR25DE. A variety of other engines were used over the years, including diesels specifically the CD20 (for commercial van version) and the CD20T 1973 cc Diesel Turbo for people movers.

Models were manufactured in Japan from 1991 onwards, many have now been imported into Australasia and the United Kingdom. Nissan produced many different versions FX, SX etc. Full-Auto (full time) 4WD versions were also produced providing greater stability and better handling. The 2.3 non turbo diesel was never manufactured for the Japanese market and its seating arrangement and interior fittings are not the same as the 2.0 petrol (SR20DE), 2.0 Diesel (CD20) and Turbo Diesel (CD20T) models manufactured in Japan for the local market.

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