1998 Nissan Elgrand

1998 Nissan Elgrand
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Nissan Elgrand Problems
Cold start then comes to life after five metres...
1998, cold start after trying about five times
comes to life then from five to hundred metres ...
It is switching off while moving and hard to st...
1996, It is switching off while moving and it
will become hard to start just cranky.the
Fuel problem
2008, It seem to be a fuel problem it start up
fine first thing in the morning but after drivi...

1998 Nissan Elgrand specs

The Nissan Elgrand is a luxury van manufactured by Nissan sold in Japan and other Asian markets including Hong Kong. It is available in seven and eight passenger variants, with rear wheel drive.

The first generation of the Nissan Elgrand is similar to the second with the VG33E engine matched with an older 4 speed automatic transmission. It housed an Inline four 16 valve engine with a DOHC valve train. Yet lacks the more modest technology of the new Elgrand and does not have Keyless go, xenon headlamps etc.

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In Hong Kong presently (2007), 2 models are offered, the Elgrand XL and the Elgrand Highway Star which is an eight passenger variant. The Elgrand is packed with options including the AFS (Active Front Lighting System) that can also be found in the third generation Toyota Previa/ Estima.The Elgrand comes in 6 different colors and is equipped with twin sunroofs and Xenon headlamps with the Auto on-off system. The base price of both the Elgrand XL and the Highway Star are the same at $486,800 Hong Kong Dollars.

The exterior of the Elgrand has changed a lot since its predecessor and is now equipped with remote controlled electronic doors, side mirrors with signal lights, a rear roof spoiler, and 16 (XL) or 17 (HWS) inch Aluminium Alloy rims. The new front styling (including new chrome front grill) gives the Elgrand an enhanced sporty look.

The interior features include captain seats, a nine speaker Bose sound system, and a DVD player with a nine inch screen. The Elgrand is also equipped with an eight inch LCD monitor at the front in the dashboard that provides Vehicle Information and is part of the Vehicle Information System (also known as VIS). Both versions also come with a heated drivers seat and a heated front passenger's seat as well. Electronic curtains can also be found on the Elgrand along with a genuine wood-grained leather steering wheel.

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