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The chrome casing for the smaller headlamp on t...
1995, i need the chrome casing for the
smaller/lower headlamp on the front of the
car. can ...

1995 Mitsuoka Viewt specs

The Mitsuoka Viewt is a modification of the Nissan March/ Micra, intended to resemble the Jaguar Mark 2. It, along with Mitsuoka's later Galue, encouraged larger Japanese manufacturers to produce retro-styled versions of their own cars.

The first Viewt, introduced in January 1993, was produced on the basis of the K11 March. The March's hatchback was replaced by a fixed rear window and rounded boot, and the front grille and headlamp assembly was replaced by one closely resembling that of the Jaguar Mark II. In standard form the interior was much the same as the March's, but leather seats and wood trim could be added at extra cost.

The Viewt shared its 1.0- and 1.3-litre engines with the March. It was originally available with manual or automatic transmissions; later more luxurious editions were automatic-only.

Changes to the March were usually echoed in the Viewt; for example, when the March received a new dashboard the Viewt had it too, with a new wood kit. After the March convertible was introduced in 1997, Mitsuoka developed a Viewt convertible which used the Jaguar-style front but had a unique built-out rear.

When the March was updated (becoming the K12) Mitsuoka produced a new Viewt, which first appeared in September 2005. The changes in the style of the March are evident to some extent in the new Viewt: for example, the shape of the rear door has changed and the cabin appears rounder. However, Mitsuoka have persisted with their Jaguar-style front and rear. The only two-door version is the 12SR, which is based on the March 12SR.

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