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The Mazda Familia is a long-running nameplate used by Mazda for their small family cars or compact cars manufactured between 1964 and 2003, with 10,589,052 sold worldwide. The Familia was marketed under various names, including 1000, 1200, and 1300, 800, 808, and 818. In many markets, however, the more recent Familias were known as Mazda 323. In North America, the names Mazda GLC and then Mazda Protégé were used. In South Africa, it was known as the Etude. The Familia formed the basis of the Ford Laser and Meteor in Asia, Australasia and from 1991, the Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer in North America.

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Familias were built in Hiroshima, Japan, although they were also assembled in Taiwan, Malaysia, South Africa, Colombia and New Zealand. The Familia line was replaced by the Mazda Axela in 2004.

(This vehicle will be referred to as the “Familia” throughout this article for consistency.)

The first production Familia appeared in October 1963, and was a commercial two-door wagon called the Familia Van. It was joined in 1964 with a sedan, styled by Giugiaro, and was later sold in other markets as the 800. Both were powered by a 782cc aluminum inline 4 engine.

The Familia received a larger 985cc engine for 1965, and a coupé variant was introduced as well.

The new Familia appeared in 1967 with a 987cc engine. It was sold as the Mazda 1000 in some markets. It also formed the basis for the Mazda R100 rotary car. A larger 1169cc I4 engine came along later, becoming the Mazda 1200 for export.

The 1970 Familia featured a 1.3L TC engine and new styling. It was exported as the Mazda 1300 and Mazda 818.


  • 1968-1973 - 987cc I4, 50hp (37kW)/ 56ft·lbf (77N·m)
  • 1968-1970 - 1.2L (1169cc) I4, 58hp (43kW)/ 69ft·lbf (94N·m)
  • 1970-1973 - 1.3L (1272cc) TC I4, 2 barrel, 69hp (51kW)/ 67ft·lbf (92N·m)

1200 (USA)

The "1200" was offered in the United States in 1971 and again in 1973. The 1971 version was the first piston-powered Familia sold in the United States and arrived alongside its rotary R100 in 2- and 4-door forms. It was replaced by the 808 the next year. The name returned for 1973 as the base-model economy Mazda. The company focused on performance for two more years, dropping the economy car, then returned with the Mizer in 1976.


  • 1971, 1973 - 1.2L (1169cc) I4, 58hp (43kW)/ 69ft·lbf (94N·m)

The 1973 Familia Preso featured a 1272cc engine. It was sold as the Mazda 808 in some export markets such as New Zealand and Australia and Asia Pacific markets and Mazda 818 in many others (presumably due to the usage of numbers with a middle zero by Peugeot for its automotive models). In Japan this model is also known as the Mazda Grand Familia and its top line model is a 2 door coupé with twin round headlamp and a rotary powered engine known as the RX3.

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