2012 Mazda CX-7

Preview 2012 Mazda CX-7
Preview CX-7
Preview 2012 CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7
Preview Mazda CX-7

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Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity:2300 cm3
Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds:Automatic
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive wheels - Traction - Drivetrain:4WD
Price (out of date):$40575

2012 Mazda CX-7 specs, Engine size 2.3, Fuel type Gasoline, Drive wheels 4WD, Transmission Gearbox Automatic

The CX-7 is a mid-size crossover SUV model from Mazda, the production version of the MX-Crossport concept car. The CX-7 is built in Hiroshima, Japan, starting in early 2006. The CX-7 was shown publicly for the first time at the 2006 Los Angeles Auto Show in January. Production officially began on February 20 at Mazda's Ujina#2 factory in Hiroshima. The CX-7 went on sale in spring 2006 as a 2007 model. It is also Mazda's first mid-size SUV since the Navajo was discontinued in 1994.

The CX-7 receives an all-new platform instead of sharing the Ford/ Mazda CD3 platform used by the larger Mazda CX-9/ Ford Edge/ Lincoln MKX crossovers as well as the Mazda6. It uses the front suspension of the Mazda MPV minivan, with the rear suspension from the Mazda5. Many of the all wheel drive components come from the Mazdaspeed 6. It shares its turbocharged engine with the Mazdaspeed6. It uses either a 6-speed automatic or a 6-speed manual transmission. The CX-7 currently slots between the Tribute and the CX-9.

Power comes from the same 2.3L straight-4 MZR engine used in the Mazdaspeed 3 and Mazdaspeed 6 coupled with a 6 speed Aisin automatic transmission, and tuned to produce 244hp or 182kW (Australian model 175 kW) at 5000 RPM and 258ft·lbf (350N·m) of torque at a low 2500rpm, 99% of the maximum torque is available to 5000rpm.

The MZR 2.3L DISI turbo engine found in the MAZDASPEED3 and MAZDASPEED6 has been retuned in the North American-Spec CX-7 to deliver torque at a lower RPM for less turbo lag off the line. This was achieved thanks to a redesigned, smaller KO4 turbocharger. UK-Spec CX-7's feature the same, larger KO4 turbocharger and transmission found in the MAZDASPEED line.

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