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First Automotive Group Corporation (simplified Chinese: 中国第一汽车集团; traditional Chinese: 中國第一汽車集團; pinyin: Zhōngguó Dìyī Qìchē Jítuán) is China's first automobile manufacturer. FAW is one of the "Big Five" Chinese automobile manufacturers along with Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Chang'an Motors, and Chery Automobile. The company was established in 1953 with ranges such as Jiaxing mini MPVs, Xiali saloon cars and Hongqi luxury cars.

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FAW Group started out in 1953 as First Automobile Works with assistance from ZIL and finished in 1956. During its first 30 years, its major product was Jiefang CA-10 medium truck, the first mass-produced automobile in China based on ZIS-150. A couple of years after the CA-10, they introduced the CA-30 6x6 army truck based on ZIL-157. The next generation of Jiefang truck, CA-141 rolled out in 1988. In 1991, FAW formed joint venture with Volkswagen and began to focus on car manufacture. Since then, it has formed joint ventures with other automobile giants such as Toyota and Mazda. In the same time, FAW maintained its own car brand Hongqi since 1958. Through purchasing and expanding, it has become one of top three automobile manufacturers in China. (The other two are Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and Dongfeng Motor Corporation) By 2004, its car sales had passed 1 million units.


The symbol represents the combination of Chinese word "一汽"(meaning "China FAW Group Corporation") which was transformed visually, Chinese character "一" means "first" and "汽" means "automobile", depicting the visionary of a hawk spreading its wings.


FAW flies throughout the vast skies of the world, spreading its wings and soaring high and far into the bright blue sky.

In 1988, Chrysler sold much of the machining equipment, as well as a license to the design, of their K-car 2.2L straight-4 engine to FAW.

FAW Hongqi ("Red Flag" in Chinese) is a luxury unit of FAW. It began in 1958, at first building Soviet-style limousines[citation needed] but later contracting with Audi and Lincoln for designs. FAW is recently manufacturing the Hongqi HQ3 (based on the Toyota Crown). At the 2005 Shanghai Auto Show, the company unveiled the Hongqi HQD concept car, with designs based on the Hongqi CA770 limousine. In the 2008 Beijing Auto Show, FAW also premiered the Hongqi HQE concept car and also a Hongqi SUV concept car.

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