2000 Dacia NOVA

2000 Dacia NOVA
Full Picture Size: 530x398
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Full Picture Size: 529x397

2000 NOVA
Full Picture Size: 530x398

Transmission Gearbox - Number of speeds:CVT
Price (out of date):$5000

2000 Dacia NOVA specs, Transmission Gearbox CVT

Dacia Nova was the first car designed by the Romanian engineers, taking a very long time to complete. This is the reason for the car looking slightly outdated when it exited the factory's gates for the first time, in 1995. The base platform for the car, or the inspiration model was the Peugeot 309, making them very similar in design. The car was a small hatchback, with front wheel drive, 5-doors and 5 seats. The newest engine appeared in 1998 and was called the GTi. It was the GT engine that was upgraded with a Bosch K Jetronic injection, thus reducing the GT's high consumption which was originally equipped with a two barrel carburator.

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