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The Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a mid-size SUV produced by the Chevrolet division of American automaker General Motors. It was introduced in 1999 as an upscale trim line of the Blazer. In 2002, the TrailBlazer was upgraded to a new platform (GMT360 for 5 passenger models, GMT370 for 7 passenger, and GMT305 for the Envoy XUV). Production of the Blazer overlapped with the TrailBlazer until 2005, when the 2-door was sold at dealers while the 4-door was fleet only (until the 2004 model year).

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The TrailBlazer won the North American Truck of the Year award in 2002. The 4.2L I6 Atlas LL8 won Ward's Best Engine from 2002-2004 with innovative features such as DOHC, Variable Valve Timing (VVT) on the exhaust camshaft, and GM's Patented "Lost-Foam" casting process.

The TrailBlazer is based on a truck platform, with all models having four-wheel drive as an option with both automatic engagement and the more traditional "4 High" and "4 Low" gearings. Its main disadvantage is its increased width (as compared to a Jeep Wrangler) and lack of suspension travel, causing it to high side when it encounters high-camber-variance terrain or large rocks. Additionally, it lacks either locking hubs or a limited slip differential. Instead a G80 locking rear differential is available as an option on all models except for the SS which has a G86 LSD standard.

The TrailBlazer was facelifted for 2006. A new front fascia and interior trim were included with the refresh, but only apply to the upper-level LT models. The LS trim still has the 02-05 front and rear fascias. The SS gets trim-specific front and rear fascias plus colormatched side skirts.

The TrailBlazer comes with a 291hp (217kW) 277lb·ft (376N·m) all-aluminum 4.2 L "Atlas" LL8 inline-six engine standard and an optional 302hp (225kW) 330lb·ft (447N·m) aluminum small-block 5.3 L V8 with Active Fuel Management. The inline-six makes the TrailBlazer the most powerful six-cylinder SUV in its class. The Active Fuel Management system on the V8 engine shuts off 4 of the 8 cylinders during highway travel and idle to save fuel. The 6-cylinder versions of the TrailBlazer get up to 20miles per US gallon (12L/ 100km; 24mpg-imp) highway, according to refreshed United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ estimates.

  • 2002-present LL8 4.2 L I6
  • 2003-2004 LM4 5.3 L V8
  • 2005-present LH6 5.3 L V8
  • 2006-present LS2 6.0 L V8

One unique element of the TrailBlazer line was the availability of a 3-row, 7-passenger EXT version. This vehicle was 16 in (406 mm) longer and had a higher roofline to allow easier access to the third row of seats. This roof was disguised by standard roof racks.

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