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Chery Chery Problems
Chery J2 1.5
2012, Power failure while in motion. Then when
I start the starter just slips. The car cannot ...
Chery j2- replace reverse bulbs
2013, cannot get rear light cover out to
replace brake light bulb on chery j2 . please
Sukkel om te start in die oggende.
2012, Hi my cherry qq 800cc sukkel om te start
in die oggende vat so 10 min dan start die kar!...

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"Chery" redirects here. For similar words, see Cherry (disambiguation) or Cherie (disambiguation).

Chery Automobile (English pronunciation: [ˈʃɛɹiː]) (simplified Chinese: 奇瑞汽车; traditional Chinese: 奇瑞汽車; pinyin: Qíruì Qìchē) is an automobile manufacturer in China. The intended English transliteration of "Qíruì" was "Cheery", but it was transliterated as "Chery" by mistake, and the company decided to retain the originally-errorneous transliteration.[citation needed]

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It is owned by the local government of Wuhu (but is scheduled to be privatized), and sold about 381,000 vehicles in 2007. It is the largest independent Chinese auto manufacturer and one of the fastest growing automakers in the world.

Early years

Chery was founded in 1997 to prop up the economy of Wuhu, a region of China that has received little industrial development in 1995. Its first factory used machines and engine technology purchased from Ford Europe for US$25 million. It began auto production in 1999 using a licenced chassis from SEAT's Toledo. The company was an illegitimate company under Chinese law of the time and had to be registered as a "Car Parts Supplier." Thus, the company was not able to obtain a license to sell their cars in all of China. In 2001, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) bought a 20% stake in the company, allowing Chery to use SAIC's national retail sales license. In 2001, Chery began exporting its cars to Syria, becoming China's first car exporter. Chery also received its ISO-9001 certification. In September 2002, Chery received its ISO/ TS 16949 certification, the highest certification at the time.

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