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Old 02-28-2007, 02:00 PM
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Arrow New VW Golf model

The all-new Volkswagen Golf Variant

Almost four years after the introduction of the Golf 5, Volkswagen has finally added a station wagon model to the range.

According to VW more than 1.2 million Golf estates were sold since 1993.

The latest Golf Variant is to be unveiled at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

The new Golf Variant has a cargo capacity of 690 litres with the back seat up and 1 550 litres with it down. From front to end the Golf Variant is 4.56m long.

At launch, the Golf Variant will be available with two petrol and two diesel engines while it will also become available with VW's TSI twin charger powertrain.

There is no indication yet if VW will bring the car to South Africa.

okay...what happen at the back. own up VW...the design team were too lazy and copied the back of a ford falcon wagon! - Jon

27/02/2007 09:15

I don`t know if I am missing the plot...But when last has anyone seen a station wagon on the roads? Their market is so small...The least the VW designers could try was to make it easier on the eye. This thing is so fugly that it`s a shame...Jon is right...Where is the VW look? Waste of time VW! - Martin

27/02/2007 09:19

With 4 yrs to spend on getting it right, why did they get it so wrong? It doesn't even look like a VW. - RB

27/02/2007 09:26

How many golf 4 estates did you ever see? - manicm

27/02/2007 09:53

Yugh! - peet

27/02/2007 10:26

I think this will go down well here as many people want something bigger than a sedan but smaller than a SUV. Not everyone wants a "people carrier" when looking for a wagon. - Tony

27/02/2007 10:42

Nice car... would love to drive one of these one days... but BMW is still better for me :D - Tiaan

27/02/2007 10:53

the new VW wagon design at the back is a complete let down. the design does not seem to be that of a german car. it is realy awful!! - Monde

27/02/2007 11:14

I could swear that that's a Honda !!! - TG

27/02/2007 11:31

C'mmon guyz(VW team) what were you thinking when you design something like this. It seems you are running out of ideas. Thats awful design....... - Dela

27/02/2007 11:56

Why not give us 2 door golfs and 1.4 TSI motors instead. Move with the times and stop holding back on SA market!!! Why not give us what we actually want? Europe already has the motor, why dont we? More power less fuel sounds good to me! - MP

27/02/2007 12:18

I drive a Golf 4 Estate - Great car. Golg 5 Estate - Looks like something out of the Daewoo stable - Crappy - Joquim

27/02/2007 12:44

Tee ONLY thing exciting about this is the possibility of getting the acclaimed TSI engine. Styling and everything else sucks. Why not give us teh TSI engine in a normal Golf V aswell??? - Mars

27/02/2007 12:46

Please don't insult Hondas, I think they're making brilliant cars, new Civic, Accord, new CR-V. And they have better sense than to make a Civic estate. - manicm

27/02/2007 13:11

Now this is Naastee. - nick

27/02/2007 13:13

I think the design drawings of the rear got mixed up with some Chinese manufacturer's - absolutely no resemblance with the rest of the car. - Jaco du Plessis

27/02/2007 14:35

Here in Australia it will sell a treat; estates are very popular here and big cars are selling less and less. I can imagine it will do well in Europe, too. OK, so the rear is a bit boring, but that may well be better than the weird designs one sees on the roads nowadays! - boemerang

27/02/2007 14:48

What did they do....or should we ask not want to finish.The back end of the car looks way out of the front and side design......VW have copied the Ford Falcon for sure - ANTON PRETORIUS

27/02/2007 14:58

I guess this design was approved, cos it looked good in 3D graphics...pity the real thing looks crap!!...nuff said - DAN

27/02/2007 15:00

paint it black and sell them to morturies - Dee

27/02/2007 15:22

Even the Fiat Siena Weekender is better at the rear...could Golf designers at least borrowed something from fellow brothers Audi, those Ingolstadt boys know what the rear of an Avant should look like. - Nathi Olifant

27/02/2007 16:03

Check out the gallery and go to the picture of the radio....KFM!! WTF ...was this car built in PE? - Zots

27/02/2007 16:12

If ever there was ugly! Why does it have a jetta front/grill and not a golf front/grill? It's called a "Golf" variant right? - RobbyZA

27/02/2007 16:26

With golf 6 looming on the horizon, why so late with the estate? - opelisti

Source: [url=http://www.wheels24.co.za/Wheels24/Motor_Shows/Geneva_Motor_Show/0,,1369-2091-1782_2075593,00.html]Wheels24.co.za[/url]
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