Buick Roadmaster Wagon Specs

Buick LogoBuick Roadmaster Wagon has been in production since 1991 - 1996. Cars comes in Station wagon (estate) body types and can be suited with Petrol (Gasoline) engine types with a volume of 5.7L liters, engines produces a power of 264 Hp. Fuel consumption of Buick Roadmaster Wagon is 11.8 l/100 km. The overall dimensions of the car are 5526x2028x1531 mm, and the weight is from 2045 kg.

Buick Roadmaster Wagon 1991 - 1996
Buick Roadmaster Wagon 1991 - 1996

YearPowerFuel ConsumptionDimensionWeight

5.7L, Petrol (Gasoline)

Roadmaster 5.7 i V8 Specs
1991 - 1996 264 Hp 11.8 l/100 km 5526x2028x1531 mm 2045 kg