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Nissan Wingroad Reviews

DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Dec 27, 2017Car not starting2006 Nissan WingroadBonface Sakwa
Feb 17, 2017radiator overheating2001 Nissan WingroadFelix, zambia
Oct 10, 2016Repairs (trouble shooting )2002 Nissan WingroadStanley cooper. Manurewa auckland
Aug 5, 2016Will not shift2003 Nissan Wingroad; The transmission does not shift when it's in drive. It's stays in one gear and the over light is not coming on.Marvin, Bahamas
Jul 22, 2014vehicle loss power after going over speed-humps and when driving up steep inclines2001 Nissan Wingroad; NonFrancis from Trinidad and Tobago
Oct 21, 2013starts only with pedal pressed2002 Nissan Wingroad; nilmanuel chachengwa Zimbabwe Bulawayo
Oct 2, 2013abs error1999 Nissan Wingroadwahab mohammed princes town trinidad
Mar 28, 2012PARTS2008 Nissan Wingroad; Y12 NISSAN WING ROAD
1 comment
Dec 27, 2011Abnormal fuel consuption2006 Nissan Wingroad
1 comment
Nyangarika Jeremia
Sep 14, 2011Fuel conssamption2003 Nissan Wingroad; Non)Peterson njagi mundigi (kenya
Apr 27, 2010Faulty cooling fan with accelerator power failure1996 Nissan Wingroad; station wagonPeter Olali, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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