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2002 Mercedes Benz S500 Review / s500 sport

Date:October 25, 2005, 12:04 pm
Name, Location:Jon-Michael, from Idaho
Vehicle:Mercedes Benz S500
Modification:S500 sport
General comments:The best car I've ever had, bar none!!! If I could have given it a 6, I would have! The thing I noticed at first drive was the awesome speed and cornering of this car. With the sport package, it is equal to a BMW 750 without a doubt. The body roll is eliminated (unlike Lexus) when cornering. It's stable at very high speeds unlike little Honda racecars and stuff like that.

Build quality is usual German. I don't understand the people that say there car breaks all the time. It must be that they drive them off cliffs and stuff because I've owned 5 Mercedes' now and 2 of them went past 500k miles without any repairs. The other three went 280K miles before I sold them without repairs either. I'm sure this will do the same.

The interior of this car is amazing. It has all the gadgets you could ever want and even some you didn't know existed. The COMMAND system is a bit over complicated but when you spend a $100 thousand on a car, you would think a normal dumbass would just pull out the manual and find out how it works. But rather they complain that they can't get it on the first try. If you want a navigation system, get a Lexus LS430. If you want a kik azz driving machine, buy a Mercedes.

I have never once been disappointed by a Mercedes. I imagine I never will.
What things have gone wrong with the car:The dealer was an enormous hassle! You have to read your manual for about 5 min to master the COMMAND system.
Previous car:BMW 750iL Jaguar XJR Countless other Mercedes including a 560 SEL, 240D, 300D, 500SL and 190SL.

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Vehicle Review Mercedes Benz S500