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Mercedes ML320 review 2000

Date:October 17, 2005, 8:51 pm
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Mercedes Benz Ml320
2000 mercedes ml3202000 mercedes ml320
Name, Location:ddare, Toronto, Canada
Vehicle:Mercedes Benz Ml320
General comments:The purchase of our 2000 ML 320 was both our first foray into the SUV market as well as purchasing a Mercedes Benz (MB). Lured by MB's legendary reputation of quality, engineering and craftsmanship, we undertook a three year lease with the intention to buy the car out at the end of term. By our third year and 60,000 kilometres (36000 miles), we could not wait to give back the car and walk away.

We were initially satisfied by the handling, performance and ride of the ML320. On highway and country roads, the ML320 handled well and never gave a sensation of imminent roll-over, even when taking curves quickly. Braking is very good. In snow, the handling was exceptional thanks to the all-wheel drive and we would regularily park in snow drifts all but abandoned by other vehicles with the confidence that we could get out at any time.

The ML320 also proved to be a safe vehicle as evidenced by two accidents in which we were rear ended and we emerged without a scratch (in one, the other car was a total right off while our ML320 needed a new bumper)

Our disappointment however came from countless reliability problems which tainted our perception of Mercedes quality. Problems included:

- burst fuel line which stopped the car dead and spilled gas everywhere creating a potentially hazardous situation
- driver side window rocker swith failed
- passenger side seat belt failure (e.g. would not fasten)
- very weak bumper shells (we replaced three shells in three years, two because of collisions but one because of bumping a guard rail at less than 1
What things have gone wrong with the car:- mechanical reliability has much to be desired
- insufficient leg room for tall individuals (e.g. 6 feet +), especially the driver !!!
- very large blind spots caused by rear headrests and massive roof pillars (on other hand probably very safe)
- very weak plastic shell bumpers guarantee multiple replacements over the life of the car.
- multiple purpose navigation

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Vehicle Review Mercedes Benz Ml320