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Are you crazy!!! 1993

Date:January 8, 2014, 5:25 am
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Mercedes Benz G500
1993 mercedes g500
Name, Location:Jermel Henry Bowie Maryland
Vehicle:Mercedes Benz G500
General comments:Why would anyone buy this used 1993 G wagon for 40,000? Anyone can go buy a 2002 G 500 for alot less than 40,000 and the 2002 comes with alot more features. also remember that in 1993 the G wagon wasn't made in the US. that makes parts for this vehicle extremely hard to find, all the parts for this vehicle will have to come from mercedes only! Even Mercedes will have to order the parts and thats going to be extremely expensive. 40,000 you have got to be kidding!!!
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Vehicle Review Mercedes Benz G500