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Mazda Tribute 2005

Date:July 27, 2006, 11:18 pm
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Mazda Tribute
2005 mazda tribute2005 mazda tribute
Name, Location:Oz48 Sydney AU
Vehicle:Mazda Tribute
Modification:Limited Sport
General comments:Don't Buy a Tribute
What things have gone wrong with the car:Before you part with your Hard Earned Cash or sign up for a never ending payment option, BE WARE, Be Very Aware, that your Mazda Tribute has defective window channels which will cause the windows to rattle when anywhere else than fully closed. Don't bother asking for Mazda to fix it because they can't, don't want to or both and the Legless Department of Fair Trading in NSW can't do anything either, if your thinking of buying a Tribute to enjoy the quiet cabin ambience it speaks about in the brochure, tear up the brochure and keep your money. And what happens when you get other problems will Mazda just pass them off and explain them as that;s the way we build them. My advice is buy something else, or if you don't mind this inconvenience then contact me and buy mine at a Huge Saving caus eIam fed up with this annoying nuisance and the lack of after sales service from Mazda. OZ.
Previous car:Ford Fairmont 10 yrs

Photo Mazda Tribute


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