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Beware of Transmission 2002

Date:May 30, 2006, 7:36 am
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Mazda Tribute
2002 mazda tribute2002 mazda tribute
Name, Location:Melanie Redditt, Calgary, Alberta. Canada
Vehicle:Mazda Tribute
Modification:Ford Escape
General comments:My story is identical to that of Sherry Alexander. My transmission has gone at 75,000 kilometers (less than 50,000 miles). Cost to rebuild my own transmission: $2,800.00!!! I have had the same response from Ford Canada as Sherry has had from Mazda. Beware as these vehicles are identical and both made by Ford. Like Sherry, I have also experienced problems with the airbag light illuminating for no known cause, the weather strip around my window is loose and hanging, I have replaced the Master Cylinder, the brakes, tires at 50,000 kilometers were totally bald.
What things have gone wrong with the car:Transmission at 75,000 kilometers; Tires bald at 50,000 kilometers; Master Cylinder replaced at 60,000 kilometers; Inside door latch; weather stripping around windows;
Previous car:Pontiac Grand Am

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