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Toyota VOXY
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oil leakage n cracked mounting 2005

Date:September 18, 2011, 7:22 pm
Location:Kenya, nairobi
Vehicle:Toyota VOXY
Problems:drove a friend's voxy to machakos from nairobi. on the way back the oil light would come on when i braked so drove to a total petrol station and asked a mechanic what the problem was. he checked and said the sump guard was cracked so had to be fixed to curb oil spillage. my friend took the car to his mechanic who fixed and put in shell engine oil. the car moved though there was some noise. so they checked and found that part of the mounting some bit had cracked so the engine body was lying on the fan belt. the mechanic had said he'd fix that but suddenly they were both talking about the car requiring an engine overhaul. i had agreed to take care of costs.they had not fixed the mounting yet insisted they had to do the overhaul. that car has had fuel consumption problems and i spent 7000/= on fuel to n from machakos. they were not willing for me to get my mechanic to look at it despite him being very good. instead they insist on this engine over haul. i don't know much on cars but is it necessary for them to do an engine overhaul before fixing the mounting? i believe in fixing what you can see before that you can't. am i being taken for a fool here n they want me to pay for pre-existing problems? please advice. thank you

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September 28, 2011, 2:38 am  from: Francis
Dont be fooled nancy ,the voxys and the noahs have a weakness with timing covers that hold the engine mountings you have to replace another timing cover and thats all put new engine oil and thats is it.apparently they have to give you a good reason why they want to overhaul the engine.did it cease?,did it knock
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April 19, 2012, 11:27 pm  from: Kibe
watch out! very few mechs can handle engine overhauls for Voxy's in this country,I am a proud owner of a Voxy van minus the engine X 6 months, which is not only readily unavailable but also expensive.

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