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Toyota MARK X
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2006 Toyota MARK X - Solving Car Problems / Confuse

Date:September 9, 2010, 4:59 pm
Name:Sam Lau
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Vehicle:Toyota MARK X
Problems:Hello there ,

Recently , My Toyota Mark X has reach about 46,000 Km and I want to know more about services...
Some say < I need to change Brake Oil, ATF Oil , Clutch Oil ,Power Steering Oil ,Engine Oil etc..
Most Shock is some Mechanics do not know how many Litre of ATF Oil needed to replace.. Some do not know how to change the ATF Filter etc..

Can i know what is the actual Spec of Oil need for ATF , Power Steering , Brake Oil and wonder is it necessary to
change the ATF Filter or any other important items need to replace for 46 K Km...
Who can I go to services this Parallel import car...


Previous car:KIA Magentis

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November 10, 2017, 1:45 pm  from: james wong
Hi ,
Usually just change engine oil 5w-40 semi synthetic ( 7litre ) Oil filter ( paper type )

Transmission oil is below the car, Use TOYOTA ATF WS
( approx : 2 litre )

Rear diff ( 1.5 litre ) 80w-100 viscosity.

spark plug either denso iridium plug or denso 4 probe plug.

air filter.

Thank you.
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Toyota MARK X - Solving Car Problems