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Toyota Hilux SURF
1994 toyota hilux surf1994 toyota hilux surf1994 toyota hilux surf1994 toyota hilux surf1994 toyota hilux surf

engine control computer 1994

Date:November 28, 2012, 5:37 am
Location:sudan, khartoum, khartoum
Vehicle:Toyota Hilux SURF
Problems:my car is toyota surf 1993 auto tranmission engine 2lt turbo I bought used engine same of the origenal one noted above but the computer is lost and now i can know which code number for correct computer to imprt it from abrod
I see an other car same same its computer number is
89661-35701 , when i was looking here loacaly i found alot of computers for 2lt a/t but each one was in different number what is the goog one???

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Toyota Hilux SURF - Solving Car Problems