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Toyota Funcargo
1999 toyota funcargo1999 toyota funcargo1999 toyota funcargo1999 toyota funcargo1999 toyota funcargo

When the car is started it sometimes roars loudly for a few minutes. Is this a indicating a problem? 1999

Date:October 21, 2018, 9:58 am
Location:Malta, Mgarr
Vehicle:Toyota Funcargo
General comments:In March I had a new second hand engine applied as the old one had silted up, and it was supposed to be cheaper to change it than try to clean it. The mechanic kept the top part of my old engine in the car replacing the bottom section. I am also experimenting with another engine oil, we used to use 15W 40 and were advised to go to 5W 30.
Could any of this account for the odd noise and is it safe?
Thankyou for your attention, regards Christine.
Problems:The Funcargo revs the engine and roars for a few minutes when it is switched on. It worries me that this indicates that the fuel inlet or timing is not right.
The noise diminishes after a while.
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Toyota Funcargo - Solving Car Problems