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Toyota Corolla AXIO
2008 toyota corolla axio2008 toyota corolla axio2008 toyota corolla axio2008 toyota corolla axio2008 toyota corolla axio

Acceleration problem. 2008

Date:May 7, 2019, 3:30 pm
Name:Akik Adnan
Location:Bangladesh, Chittagong, Chittagong
Vehicle:Toyota Corolla AXIO
Problems:When the car starts and change the gear to D, the RPM meter rise but the car moved slowly. It doesnot get moved with require speed it requires more accelaration. During accelaration it gives a jurck. Than it came to normal. It happened when the car is start on CNG. But in oil the car move slowly and runs also slowly if i press the padle more than the car run little faster. After heat meter rise to 40% it became normal and the problem arise when the car starts at morning or after 2/3 hours of off.
Maker : Toyota
Model : Axio 2008
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Toyota Corolla AXIO - Solving Car Problems