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Suzuki Cultus
2001 suzuki cultus2001 suzuki cultus2001 suzuki cultus2001 suzuki cultus2001 suzuki cultus

2001 Suzuki Cultus Pakistan - Solving Car Problems / hi

Date:June 7, 2011, 3:20 am
Location:Pakistan, Islamabad, Islamabad
Vehicle:Suzuki Cultus
Problems:i got changed begins and oil pump.after 200/300 km running i went for lahore from islamabad.but just after 50/60 km car started discharging white smoke and mobile oil from silencer. this was for 3/4 minutes.temperature was normal.later this problem continued aftr 70/80km.smtime normal and smtime .i also got changed rings but problem z oil also goes in air filter. wanna tell me wat is the issue??? engine condition is good.
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August 16, 2011, 10:37 am  from: mian kashif pakistan lahore
my expierience cultus engine is not repearable please changed head asembaly macanik says her language chara engine sakoon ho jay ga
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Suzuki Cultus Pakistan - Solving Car Problems