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OPEL Astra
1998 opel astra1998 opel astra1998 opel astra1998 opel astra1998 opel astra

My Opel will start fine, moment IT HEATS UP, IT CUTS OUT- 1998

Date:November 7, 2018, 9:56 am
Name:Lester Veldsman
Location:South Africa, Western Cape, Cape Town
Vehicle:OPEL Astra
General comments:I cannot go on spending money from one motor technician to another exercising either their opinion on the root cause of the problem , or seemingly blaming & addressing faults suspected in the work of their peers, then STILL NO Difference is experienced in the car -
Respectfully to those in the trade, and applying what they know (especially having encountered more than one technician), all I AM SEEING IS THE SAME or similar TECHNIQUES BEING APPLIED IN an attempt at resolving THE PROBLEM-BUT IT'S OLD EXPERIENCE WORKING ON THIS SPECIFIC MODEL AND BRAND Which may be required, whilst my car has been off the road since December 2017 -miracle required PLEASE HELP and advise
Problems:My car is presently with it's third mechanic, trying to resolve this very irritating problem of it starting ok, even overnight from a cold-start -BUT when it gets driven, IT CUTS OUT ONCE IT HEATS UP with regular use, & after waiting on it to cool down, IT WILL then restart - but SOON THEREAFTER the same problem recurs. Various opinions from faulty lifters to valve and rings have been blamed - A MAJOR OVERHAUL was performed with every conceivable part and engine component replaced, from the fuel-pump & filter, to the pistons, valve, cams, crank-sensor etc etc etc - STILL NO JOY -Please help IF you may have experienced same problems & fixed them PLEASE
Previous car:VW Golf
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December 21, 2018, 1:01 am  from: Selwyn lekaba
I Drive same car and for the past months,I had the same problem until I took my car for diagnosis and the problem
Was oxygen sensor...yesterday I replaced it and the car is
Right..I suggest you go for diagnosis and try change oxygen sensor if there is no changes,go for airflow meter
As it also does same problem.

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OPEL Astra - Solving Car Problems