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OPEL Astra
1999 opel astra1999 opel astra1999 opel astra1999 opel astra1999 opel astra

Cranking car doesn't want to start, it wasn't picking up revs,loses power on take off 1999

Date:April 2, 2017, 9:24 pm
Location:South Africa, Pretoria, Silverton
Vehicle:OPEL Astra
Modification:Opel Astra 1.6 station wagon
Problems:The car is cranking but don't want to start. It started by not rising the revs sometimes difficult to idle then started loosing power especially on up hills and take offs
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May 12, 2017, 1:49 am  from: Dumsani
The Problem Was On The Computer Box And Wiring The Now The Car Do'nt Start So Now Im Lost Please Came With The Solution
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OPEL Astra - Solving Car Problems