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Nissan Primera
2002 nissan primera2002 nissan primera2002 nissan primera2002 nissan primera2002 nissan primera

Car Jerking 2002

Date:May 9, 2019, 1:25 am
Location:Nigeria, Ondo, Akure
Vehicle:Nissan Primera
Problems:Hello, I recently bought a Nissan Primera 2.0 Engine with 6 gears (manual)2002 Model and I discovered that the car was jerking after using for less than a month. I have changed the coils and plugs (4 each), I have changed the lower sensor, I have also cleaned the injector and recently pour injector cleaner. But despite this it still jerk one in a while. I also noticed the radiator water goes down anything the jerking happens which mean its working heavily. I dont really know what the problem is, I will appreciate any assist on what is likely the problem.
Previous car:Nissan Sunny
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Nissan Primera - Solving Car Problems