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High Fuel Consumption 2006

Date:June 21, 2012, 5:13 am
Name:Abdul Qadeer
Location:Pakistan, Punjab, Sialkot
Vehicle:Mitsubishi I
Problems:My car has rich fuel consumption with low milage i.e 10km/Litre while it says (18 to 20 km / Litre )

Therefore where should be the problem is ??????? please help me. I shall be very grateful to you in this matter.


Abdul Qadeer

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September 20, 2012, 3:12 pm  from: Bravo.khan
If you have achieved 14-18km/L then it is fine.

Check the followings: -
â?¢ Tires pressure
â?¢ Clean the exterior of the car
â?¢ Spark plugs condition
â?¢ Air filter
â?¢ Engine Oil
â?¢ Engine Coolant
â?¢ Driving Style
If you are still facing the problem then check the followings: -
â?¢ MAP Manifold Air pressure Sensor.
â?¢ Catalytic Converter + Oxygen Sensor.
â?¢ Turbocharger System (if installed

if you are still facing the problem then it needs to be investigated more in detail.
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