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Mazda FORD Freda
2000 mazda ford freda2000 mazda ford freda2000 mazda ford freda

electronic accelerator 2000

Date:November 16, 2011, 12:34 am
Location:philippines, olongapo
Vehicle:Mazda FORD Freda
General comments:can the electronic accelerator that we need is the real problem?
Problems:we are looking for an electronic accelerator for our mazda ford freda model 2000, we cannot use it for uphill theres a difficulty in traveling higher places, as if the engine cannot able to make it. for the meantime we converted it from automatic injection pump to manual injection pump. we have difficulty looking for electronic accelerator and we hope you can help us were to find it or advise us for other option.
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Mazda FORD Freda - Solving Car Problems