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Mazda Etude
2000 mazda etude

Top Convertor and Gear Problem 2000

Date:April 13, 2014, 9:33 pm
Location:Namibia, Otjozondjupa, Otjiwarongo
Vehicle:Mazda Etude
General comments:I tried to pour oil several times in the top convertor box and secondly, I am just stuck not knowing how to start with the problem of the car remaining stationary while in gear D or 1. but it moves when entered in reverse gear R.
Problems:The car remain stationary while in Gear D or 1..Secondly, the top convertor does not maintain oil, either it dries up or dissappear while there is no leakage. How do I solve these problems
Previous car:Ford Courier
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November 25, 2016, 2:01 am  from: Paul muyutu
Looking for the pipe that carries air-conditioning. Then in the car is punched, the gas leaked, am trying search n ask in the shops here rundu. Nothing so far. My car is a Mazda exela (mazda 3) am looking for the whole pipe that connects to the cooler and into inside
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Mazda Etude - Solving Car Problems