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Mazda Capella Wagon
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.Problem with automatic transmission 1999

Date:February 2, 2013, 7:45 pm
Name:Andre Marques
Location:Mozambique, Beira
Vehicle:Mazda Capella Wagon
General comments:What type of oil do you recomend to the Transmisson and to the engine?
Problems:We have a Mazda Capella Wagon in our Car Shop. The Car has an automatic transmisson. The car come to do servicing but we also find out that had transmisson problems. We check the gearbox, change oil to the correc one but still the transmisson will not work. The shfits don]t change at a proper time and also the car when we put in the first gear doesn't run alone even in reverse. We have to put in trotle a lot to make the car run.

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Mazda Capella Wagon - Solving Car Problems