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Mazda 323 - Solving Car Problems

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DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Jan 27, 2014tapping in the engine1991 Mazda 323arnold
South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Sep 1, 2013CAR JUST WILL NO WORK PROPERLY1999 Mazda 323; nilelton thornhill
Trinidad and Tobago, san juan, port of spain
May 1, 2013RPM down1984 Mazda 323; original engine repair over all recently
Naeem shah
Pakistan, Sindh, karachi
Apr 21, 2013notshifting1991 Mazda 323; n/aal
United States, Michigan, Westland
Apr 20, 2013rough & low idle2003 Mazda 323suhail
United Arab Emirates, Sharjah
Mar 18, 2013vibration of engine2004 Mazda 323khalid jamal
Iraq, Arbil, Erbil
Mar 10, 2013air flow-meter connection1996 Mazda 323; 1996tony p g
Nigeria, cross river state, ogoja
Jan 1, 2013unstable idling of car, black plugs and high fuel consumption1996 Mazda 323; mazda 323 1996 model salon with dohc double crank shaft engine
1 comment
paul babs
nigeria, lagos
Dec 31, 2012trouble ingin2004 Mazda 323faheem
Saudi Arabia, madina, yanbu
Jun 19, 2012fuel pump1988 Mazda 323sam
South Africa, gauteng, kempton park
Feb 11, 2012fuel1999 Mazda 323
Nigeria, Bayelsa, Yanagoa
Feb 10, 2012does not receive fuel into the carburettor1998 Mazda 323
1 comment
South Africa, Western Cape, eersteriver
Nov 28, 2011computer box1998 Mazda 323allan b. valenzuela
Philippines, Naga
Sep 23, 2011I need to know what year manual gearbox will fit on a1996mzda323 z5 engine1996 Mazda 323; mazda323andre
jamaica, kingston
Aug 6, 2011shock absorber1993 Mazda 323sgareff
mauriyius, port louis
May 25, 2011frontlight, driver's side.1996 Mazda 323Raphaela
Netherlands Antilles, Willemstad
Jan 21, 2011burning lots of gas2001 Mazda 323
1 comment
michael prescod
Trinidad and Tobago, port-of-spain, diego martin
Jul 7, 2010stalling at stops1998 Mazda 323Frieda Rubin
Israel, Israel, Yeshuv
Jul 2, 2010Engine and Transmission1997 Mazda 323; noneMsgt Nestor C. Lagasca
Philippines, Tarlac
Feb 3, 2010my car consume to much gas and the gauge is going up and down1999 Mazda 323; tire 17John Villafuerte

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Mazda 323 - Solving Car Problems