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Runs rough, wants to loose power and die 2003

Date:March 10, 2013, 10:18 am
Location:United States, Idaho, Greenleaf
Vehicle:KIA RIO
General comments:I've had plugs and wires replaced. I am at a loss.
Problems:As you're driving the car, it feels like it is losing power. You can give it gas and it feels like it doesn't want to accellerate properly. Sometimes when this happens the engine light will come on. We've had misfire codes and oxygen codes. If you pull over and shut off the car and restart, it goes away. I had the mass airflow sensor replaced and the mechanic found several grounds we're loose. They said it had been running rich for some time so they also flushed the feul system or something of that nature. It seemed to run fine for about a week and then started acting up again. This time, they replace the coil pack and a couple of O2 sensors. Again about a week later it started acting up again. I took it back again and they pulled the timing cover and found the tensioner was loose. They drove it for over a week and could not duplicate the symptoms so I got it back and two days later as I had just left my house and was maybe 5 miles down the road, it started to loose power as before, feeling like it wanted to die or was just not firing right and the engine light came on again. I pulled over and shut off and restarted again and it ran fine. It's been random when it acts up.

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